What is it like to be a doctor and journalist during COVID-19?

My interview with the University of Miami

Last year in August, I began my Master’s in Journalism at the University of Miami with a focus on health communication while continuing to work as a physician. I spent the fall and the early part of the winter traveling back and forth between the U.S. (for school) and Canada (for work). Once the COVID-19 emergency turned into a pandemic, I flew back to Canada to be able to focus mostly on working in the hospital.

The University of Miami recently interviewed me about what it’s like to be both a doctor and a journalist during the time of the pandemic.

You can read the full article here:

Can you be more than a doctor?

Some people are surprised when I tell them that I’m a writer and a doctor. There is a belief out there, especially in medicine, that you can’t do more than one thing. That belief is problematic for a few reasons.

I’ve always loved to write. The fact that I write makes me a better doctor. It gives me the chance to reflect on my experiences. Studies also show that reflecting through writing preserves empathy. It’s also an outlet to relax and be creative. At the same time, medicine inspires my writing like no other topic. I never run out of ideas or topics to write about.

The other reason I love to write is to create positive social change. During medical school, I shared my medical poetry with Dr. Ron Stewart. Dr. Stewart was one of my mentors. He was former Minister of Health in Nova Scotia, not to mention a medical consultant for one of the first medical television dramas, Emergency. He told me that I would make more of a difference with my writing that I would with medicine. Writing, and the arts in general, provide an opportunity to create social change. In this 2017 article, I explore the importance of art in medicine.

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