While doing some New Year’s cleaning recently, I came across one of my earliest stories. It touches on the theme of change. Though I wrote it when I was six years old, it’s still relevant today, especially at the beginning of a new year. 

January is a significant month for many people. We reflect on our lives, form new plans, and often try to establish healthier habits. Some of these changes are lasting while others are short-lived.

As humans, we have the ability to change and adapt so extensively, it can be difficult to even recognize our former selves. Even our chemical composition changes throughout our lives. Just like the caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, the cells in our body die and regenerate. On an atomic level, we are completely different people than we used to be. 

Heraclitus, the Ancient Greek philosopher said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” If this is the case, when our lives change, we should accept it. Or, adopt the lasting wisdom of the lovable, green ogre Shrek when he said, “Change is good, donkey.” 
Happy New Year! 


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