Responding to the call of the provincial premieres for a fairer distribution of public health funds, Justin Trudeau reiterated that Ottawa is willing to spend more, but only once they have emerged from the Covid emergency. According to the president of the Canadian Medical Association and the doctors of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, however, greater collaboration between the various levels of government is becoming increasingly necessary.

I had my first live interview! To be honest it was a bit nerve-wracking at first but then I settled into it. It is certainly an interesting feeling to not know what questions may be coming next with an audience of thousands. But overall, it was a great experience. Below is the link if you’d like to watch it!

In this video, Dr. Sarah Fraser makes a special guest appearance on UMTV, a news station run completely by undergraduate students at the University of Miami. She discusses the importance of getting your flu shot, not only to protect yourself, but also the people around you.

Humanity Emergency

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