Gaslighting in medicine

Recently, I had an experience being gaslit by a specialist colleague. As a woman family doctor, I haven’t experienced gaslighting at work frequently, but when I do, it sticks with me. This time, I did something about it. Not only did I call the specialist out about his behaviour, but I finally put a name to the this gendered form of bullying. I even wrote this essay about it:

One of the main articles that I cited in my essay was about the sociology of gaslighting. It was such a rich paper that I decided to contact the author, Dr. Paige Sweet, to see whether she would be interested in being interviewed on a podcast. To my delight, she agreed. In our discussion, we talk about the things that make it easier for one person to gaslight another. These may include factors like gender, race, nationality or place in the hierarchical structure that still exists in medicine today.

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