In the Media

Expressing your voice is important, no matter what it is that you do. In a time of misinformation, it is more important than ever for health care providers to have a presence in the media, to help folks figure out what’s fact versus fiction. Sometimes my work is geared for an audience of health care providers (e.g., doctors, nurses and others), but other times I write for a more general audience. Take a look at the posts below to learn more about my involvement in the media, from podcasting to blogs to television.

In Medicine

As a General Practitioner, I have a very broad range of practice. I work in a family medicine clinic, provide services in the hospital, and also work in the field of newcomer health and sexual health. Below you can find articles and reflections about the practice of medicine.

In Writing

Though I’m a family doctor by trade, writing has always been a passion of mine. Writing helps me to process my experiences. I’m a strong believer that writing makes me a better doctor, and in turn, ‘doctoring’ makes me a better writer. Here are some examples of writing. As you’ll see, my writing often takes a medical slant.

Dr. Sarah Fraser

Hi, I’m a General Practitioner and writer in Nova Scotia, Canada. I also work as an Associate Editor with the medical journal Canadian Family Physician and am Co-Director of the Medical Humanities Program at Dalhousie University. I’ve also written a book of poetry entitled Humanity Emergency.

I have a passion for health communication. In the world of health, misinformation is abundant. One of my goals is to try and convey accurate health information in the media.

I wear many hats as a family doctor. I work in the fields of sexual health, newcomer health, family practice, and hospital medicine. I teach medical students, too.

While some people might see this as being fragmented, I like doing many different things, and I think it has advantages. When I care for patients in a hospital, my experiences in the clinic give me knowledge about what they will need when they go back to see their regular family physician. Working with a medical journal helps keep me updated on the latest treatments in family medicine.

While some people may find the variety hectic or perhaps too broad, it’s one of the very things I enjoy most about being a GP.